At the Frontline Club, London.

Photograph courtesy Chris King


For photography, I liaise closely with clients to meet their needs and oversee all aspects of production; from planning and conceptualising shoots to editing images and post-production (image enhancement). For books, I can organise designers, liaise with publishers and oversee print production.



I write and edit stories for online and print media. I have a strong ethical approach to conduct in the field. I can also work as part of a team in close collaboration with clients, planning editorial content, graphics and layout. I am also a critical evaluator of proposals, research and manuscripts, addressing accuracy, consistency, setting high journalistic standards.


Training workshops

I organise and conduct workshops and lectures (writing and photography) for aid organisations, universities and schools. I have been a part time lecturer at several universities. Working closely to develop and design curriculums, I give presentations on aspects of photographic and journalistic practice,

focussing on a wide range of skills from composition to editing, mentoring and assessing work, including how to structure stories, write in a humanitarian context and how to get a message out. For photo workshops, please click here.

Public speaking 

I have given talks at Oxford university, the Edinburgh Book Festival, the Frontline Club, National Film School in Dublin, and appeared on BBC radio and TV, CNN and Al Jazeera.


TV and public appearances

Nic on Channel 4 news.

With Fergal Keane at The Frontline Club.

AFP TV news.


I have worked on film projects as a co-director, co-producer and writer, from conceptualising to setting up interviews, organising logistics and planning. I can write proposals, develop scripts, research stories and characters, working from pre-production to the final edit creating a collective vision for the film.

Design and photography by Nic Dunlop