Photograph courtesy Chris King

Both a photographer and a writer, 
Nic's work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide. Born in the Irish Republic, he left for Asia at the age of 19 and has worked in Cambodia, Burma, East Timor, India and Papua New Guinea.


In his book, The Lost Executioner, he told the story of Pol Pot's chief executioner (who he exposed in 1999), the rise of the Khmer Rouge and how ordinary people become killers. In Brave New Burma, he spent 20 years photographing life under military rule. The HBO Emmy-nominated film Burma Soldier, which Nic co-directed, provided a rare glimpse into the Burmese military through the eyes of a former soldier.


He has written for Granta, The Telegraph Magazine, The Observer and The South China Morning Post. He has also held workshops and lectures on writing and photography for aid organisations including Save the Children and Oxfam, as well as universities and schools (Oxford, the Edinburgh Book Festival). His work has featured in The Press Photographer's Yearbooks  and exhibited at the Barbican in London and the National Film School in Dublin. 


He is currently working on a personal project about Irish identity supported by the Irish Arts Council. The project is centered on a forgotten Irish battlefield where he began taking photographs as a boy. 


At the Frontline Club, London.

Photograph courtesy Chris King