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Brave New Burma
Dewi Lewis Publishing

'Haunting' - Wall Street Journal

Nic Dunlop spent 20 years photographing Burma under military rule. Brave New Burma is an intimate portrait in words and pictures of a modern dictatorship and its impact on the lives of ordinary people. From the frontlines of the civil war to deceptively tranquil cities, from the home of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi to the lives of ordinary people struggling to survive, Brave New Burma is both an historic collection of rare and exclusive images and a powerful expose of Burma's crisis. But Brave New Burma is also a reflective work that warns about the dangers of telling stories we wish to hear.

'Alluring … the haunting black-and-white pictures are a blistering indictment of the misery and tragedy inflicted by decades of Burmese military rule.'

Wall Street Journal

'Beautiful… consistently powerful… amalgamates art and politics through intensive research.'


Slave Magazine

'A remarkable book… based on rigorous research… both educational and deeply moving.'

Andrew Selth,

Griffith University,

Author 'Power without Glory'

'A world-class photographer… Dunlop's volume stands apart. [With] striking photographs Brave New Burma shines insightful light on some of Myanmar's darkest days, an era when media access to foreigners was limited and strict censorship the rule.'

Bertil Lintner,

Author 'Burma in Revolt'

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