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It completely changed how I look at photographs.


Keeta Mukherjee



Today everyone is taking photographs and publishing them (Instagram, X/Twitter, TikTok).


But do their images tell a story? Do they reach people? Do they inform, move and motivate?

This intensive course will enable you to reach new levels in your photography with award-winning photographer Nic Dunlop.

'This intensive course will help you to understand how to think and deliver what you want with your photos.'


Kwantawan Hongladarom

International Labour Organisation - Thailand

'The Individualised teaching really helps students and the Workshop made you aware of the various ranges in photography.'

Blue Motus

International Organisation for Migration - Philippines


'The workshop was well-organized, covering essential photography basics with plenty of hands-on practice. Nic's feedback was constructive and personalized, helping me improve my skills in a very short period of time. Catering to all levels of photography, it’s essential for all members of UN staff in the field, especially those who work in public information or communications.'

Anthony Burke

United Nations OCHA

Erika lo.jpg

Nic and guest tutor, Erika Piñeros, will help you hone your skills and enhance your creativity at his intensive five-day workshop in Bangkok. The workshop is open to anyone, from keen beginners, to people working in international aid, or those looking for a unique holiday experience. All are welcome regardless of photographic ability.


The workshop is held in the heart of Bangkok, one of world’s most vibrant and photogenic cities. Nic and Erika will teach you how to research, shoot and edit a stunning photo essay. The workshop will include daily mentoring, one-on-one critiques, insider’s tips and tricks together with visiting speakers. The aim: to boost your photographic skills in a stimulating but relaxed atmosphere. 















Photography is a powerful tool that – when effective – reaches across languages, cultures and continents to a global audience. 


“When I began my career I didn’t have any instruction; I learnt by doing. I can help you overcome your photographic challenges because I’ve faced them myself – and teach you new ways of looking at the world.”

The workshop runs for five days at USD 375 a day. It is limited to 15 participants.

Come and join us.

For more information:


Dates to be announced

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The workshop will be joined by guest tutor Erika Piñeros. Erika is a photographer, multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Cambodia. Her work investigates and documents conflict, human rights violations, migration and other socio-political issues, while exploring the complexities of representation across cultures. Her work has been published in numerous outlets including Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, The New Humanitarian and Le Monde.     


Nic Dunlop’s work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide (The Guardian,The New York Times, Time, Newsweek) and he has worked for INGOs throughout the region (ICRC, UNICEF, IOM and Oxfam). He has lectured in photography at universities, colleges and schools (Oxford, Sussex, Mahidol, Chulalongkorn, NIST) and been a judge for The Press Photographers Year competition in London. He is represented by Panos Pictures.

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