Burma Soldier

An Emmy-nominated feature documentary (2011)

The story of a Burmese soldier who turned against a brutal regime. Co-Directed by Nic Dunlop, Annie Sundberg, Ricki Stern. Produced by Julie LeBrocquy with music by U2 and Paul Brill. Narrated by Colin Farrell.

Cambodia's fight for Justice

101 East, Al Jazeera (2010)

An investigation into crime in Cambodia and the struggle for justice for ordinary people. Directed by Orlando de Guzman, co-produced and presented by Nic Dunlop.

Cambodia's Trials

People and Power, Al Jazeera, (2009)

An investigation into the UN-backed trials of the Khmer Rouge. Directed by Orlando de Guzman, presented and co-produced by Nic Dunlop.

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